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S02.E01 - Atlantic Rim

Roach sees a connection between two mysterious deaths. Steven rebuilds his life as a widower and Alex refuses help after being shot.

S.02.E02 - Famous Last Words

Roach and Downey respond to a shooter at a school. Chanel urges Alex to leave Seamus.

S02.E03 - Back When I was a Kid

Megan, Roach, Drucie and Alex try to help a mother and her three sons to leave her unstable husband. 

S02.E04 - Three Shots

Manny confesses an affair and Alex opens her home to an ungrateful abused woman.

S02.E05 - Connection

Alex asks Seamus to help her start a women’s shelter. Roach pursues her theory that a serial killer is targeting gay men.

S02.E06 - Shelter

Alex tries desperately to raise funds for her women’s shelter. An old mistake comes back to haunt Roach and the killer is revealed.

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